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Church of Agia Marina

The chapel dedicated to Saint Marina is located on the east part of the village, next to Arkosukia creek. This small chapel was built in 1935. 

At the location where the inhabitants built the chapel, an icon of Saint Marina and a vigil candle were found kept in a big jar, a tub. It must be noted that the chapel was built because of the theatrical club of the community founded in 1932. The club gave its income and offered voluntary work to cover the expenses of the construction. The church was expanded in 1952 and in 1995, our co-inhabitant Mr. Michalakis Vassiliades built a new chapel at the place where the old one used to rest. 

In his notes on Asgata, Costas Pyrros mentions that there was a church and a cemetery where the chapel dedicated to Saint Marina is located. However, according to Antonis Kavazis, this indication can not be verified. Pyrros’s indication is cited: “The idolatrous temples of Asgata would be found in Koupetra. Their surrounding space was used as a cemetery. When the people of Asgata became Christians, they built a church dedicated to Saint Marina. They used this church that was rebuilt numerous times, until 1834, when the old church dedicated to the Apostles was built. The present chapel is built on the exact place where the old chapel of Saint Marina used to be. If its surrounding space is ever given up for excavation, ruins of many churches will be found as well as the remains of many people of several times”. 


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