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Church of the Twelve Apostles

The oldest church of the community is dedicated to all Twelve Apostles. According to the inscription found on the south entrance of the church, the church was built in 1834 by master builder Demetris and churchwarden Christodoulis. 

The church of the Twelve Apostles is known as the “old church”, because, as aforementioned, it is the oldest church of the community as well as “church of the cemetery”, because the cemetery is located in its yard. 

The church is built at the end of the village, on an abrupt slope of the valley of Asgata’s river. It is a small basilica with one room, without windows and bell tower. Both its style and internal decoration are not really interesting, as he church was built really quickly by the noble owners, so as to cover the religious need of people living in the valley or around it. That is why the church is quite simple.   

It is worth mentioning that some of the inhabitants if the village maintain that “the church was built on an abrupt site so that the river valley could be used as a shelter during Turkish invasions. They mention that in order to achieve protection from Turkish invasions, one of them always guarded one of the highest points of the village. When that person saw Turkish people coming, he shouted ‘Vamvakosporos’. Then everyone in the church would run to hide somewhere in the valley, thus, avoiding danger”. 

What is more, the inhabitants of the village mention that “there was holy water just right below the church at the river bed”. Myrsine and oleander would grow around the holy water spring. The pilgrims used to hang their dedications, handkerchiefs and babies’ clothes on their branches.


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