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History of Education 

  • 1876: Up until this year, the school would operate in a church building, in “Kato Geitonia”, which was converted into a carob storage room. This is the year when a school is built northwest of the main church. For many years, this building did not operate as a school, since, as it appears below, the school was accommodated in another building in the year 1890. In particular, the building was used as an olive-mill until 1953 and right afterwards, from 1954-55 until 1980, it accommodated the catechetical school after it was renovated by the brothers Costas and Pavlos Pyrros.
  • 1887: Pericles Michaelides simply mentions that there was a school in Asgata.
  • 1890: The school moved to a bigger building which belonged to the church and which was located opposite the church. From 1922 onwards, this building first accommodated a reading room and later on PEK.
  • 1922:  In 1922, another school was constructed on a hill north of the village, known by the named locality “pampoulin tis Deisis”. The school was built on land that was conceded by the community president at the time Mr Demosthenis Filis. This school operated in parallel with the school that was situated opposite the church. This school was attended by first, fifth and sixth grade children, whereas the other one by children of the remaining grades, meaning the second, third and fourth grade.   
  • 1930: Another school is built in 1930, in the south of the village and which accommodated the second, third and fourth grade. These were the grades that were accommodated in the school opposite the church. This school was known to the residents of Asgata as “Kato Sholeio”.
  • It is worth mentioning that both in 1922 and 1930, as Kavazis observes, the schools were transferred “because in the meantime the village was growing and the way the school building was built in the centre of the village, being on the main road, without a yard, there would be a lot of noise and little children would be in danger by the passing carts, carriages and loaded animals”. 
  • 1964: “Kato Sholeio” is demolished and a new school with three classrooms, a principal’s office, a storage room, a big yard and a grader is built in its place.
  • Today, it operates as a District Primary School of Agata, Vasa and Sanida.  The Primary School is co-accommodated with the community Nursery School. 



Antonis Kavazis, “Asgata”, published by the Association of Expatriates of Asgata, Lemesos 1992 

Aiming for the children to produce environmental consciousness, the Community Nursery School of Asgata has prepared the following Ecological Code:



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