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The Community Council of Asgata has planned a series of developmental and improvement works which will contribute to the development and prosperity of the Community.

Some of the projects which have already been completed are the following:

  1. Construction of a community building, the first floor of which houses the offices of the Community Council, while housed on the ground floor is a café-restaurant covering the needs of the residents and visitors of the community.
  2. State road widening.
  3. Construction and bituminization of roads within the residential area.
  4. Naming and numbering of all streets of the village, as well as the residents’ mail distribution by a post officer.
  5. Replacement of the old water supply network around the entire village. Cost: £126,000.
  6. Expansion of the water supply network.
  7. Transfer of water for water supply purposes from a new drilling located in the area of “Sanida” to the village. Cost £106,000.
  8. Beautification of squares and streets.
  9. Construction of a community stadium consisting of a pitch, stands and changing rooms with facilities.
  10. Construction of a paved pedestrian walkway towards the old primary school.  
  11. Purchase of a private car park.
  12. Construction of a bridge connecting the location “Horafia” to the village.
  13. Widening and beautification of the bridge of river Mersina by creating a fountain and placing benches and flower gardens along the bridge,  


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