Costas Pyrros

Costas Pyrros is one of the biggest benefactors of Asgata. Being an emigrant in the USA, he was one of the founding members of the American Association of Asgata Residents, and as a president of the Association he envisaged a library and a playground for the children of his village.

To accomplish his vision, he bought several pieces of land. When he passed away in 1965, through his will, he donated the land along with a sum of money to the village. In 1988, the Association of Expatriates of Cyprus and the Association of Expatriates of America, in cooperation with the community and other competent state services, undertook the completion of his vision.

In a letter of his towards the Church Committee dated July 2nd1956, Pyrros refers to the purchase of a piece of land that was used for the creation of the present square. Following is an extract of the letter as this is cited by Kavazis:

‘I find myself in the pleasant position to inform you that I have purchased the house of Georgios Stylianou and with the help of God and the Holy Apostles, I shall proceed with the project I have been dreaming and seeing for so long with the eyes of my soul.. I am positive that the area surrounding the church will be beautified with the creation of a garden, square, library etc.’ He goes on by writing: ‘The reason I need a deed of sale is to manage to bequeath it to the village under the condition that it will be forever used as a square and a playground. Additionally, this endowment of mine, along with some other endowments, will be entrusted to a committee which will include three or four young Americans with roots from Asgata so that they will become interested in contributing to the progress of Asgata for many years to come’.

As it is obvious from the aforementioned, he was a progressive man, and for this reason he believed to the power of the new generation. Kavazis underlines that ‘his interest for Asgata was unrelenting and that he aimed to inspire the young generation of Asgata living in America with his passion and love for his country and for Asgata in particular’.

Costas Pyrros was distinguished for his modesty and offered to his village without seeking fame. According to Kavazis,  Pyrros used to say:  ‘only average people like myself are interested in social matters and progress, and are willing to contribute towards achieving them even if they have to spend money they can’t afford’.

In 1965, Costas Pyrros passed away without managing to fulfil his greatest wish, to return to Asgata. As Kavazis remarks, ‘he could not have returned before 1959 due to his national act, whereas he would constantly postpone his return after the independence due to illness, waiting for his health to be improved. Unfortunately, his dream remained unfulfilled’.

He was buried in New York, but the entire village of Asgata keep him alive in their memories. Karouzis writes that ‘his bust stands in the centre of the village, inside the space he dreamt of, to remind the youth of Asgata this wonderful man’. 

Antonis Kavazis, ‘Asgata’. Published by the Association of Expatriates of Asgata, Lemesos 1992.

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