The 1st Asgata Ultra road race 20/4/2019

The 1st Asgata Ultra road race event will be held on the 20th of April 2019.

The event consists of a road running race of total distance 70km, with +1300m total ascend and a smaller running road race of 16km with +275m ascend.

The event also encourages charity and all the proceeds from the 70km race will be given towards the financial support of the elementary school of Asgata.
Both races start and finish at Asgata square at 06:00 for the 70km and at 15:30 for the 16km.

For more details about the races and to register, visit

The more the merrier!

During the 1st Asgata Ultra there is going to take place a smaller road running race of 16km on same day 20/04/19 starting and finishing at Asgata central square at 15:30.

For more information regarding the race and to register, visit