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In 1956, the late Costas Pyrros bought the land where the present library is standing having in mind to demolish the houses which stood on the plot back then in order to create what we now see today. However, he passed away in 1965 without managing to complete his work, leaving a will which bequeathed the land to the village in addition to an amount of money to be used for maintaining the project.

The project was completed in 1992 and the total cost rose to £32000 CYP, with 1/3 of it being covered by a government grant and the remaining by the association of expatriates, the American Association of Asgata and the community council, therefore allowing for the dream of late Costas Pyrros to be fulfilled and the village to have a lovely square and library.

Similarly to the square and library, the community park is also a creation of the great benefactor Costas Pyrros. Over the course of time this project was continued by the Asgata Community Council, the expatriates of Asgata and the American Association of Asgata, which organized various events such as dancing parties, exhibitions and the publication of a book dedicated to Asgata, thus managing to gather the money needed for maintaining these projects.

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